Alan Rosca

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Writer

Alan Rosca is a securities lawyer with Rosca Scarlato LLC and an adjunct professor of securities regulation. He frequently represents institutional and individual investors in disputes with financial industry members arising out of investment fraud or misconduct.


Money & Finance

What Do Crypto and AI Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Have in Common? FOMO and Flimsy Due Diligence

A new wave of fraudulent investment schemes is coming — and it's powered by AI.

Money & Finance

Are You About to Be the Victim of a Ponzi Scheme?

Watch for these warning signs of a Ponzi scheme in progress.

Buying / Investing in Business

The New Roaring Twenties? Why You Need to Be Wary of Market Fever.

Post-pandemic optimism can easily cross over into exuberance and excessive risk-taking.


¿Los nuevos locos años veinte? Por qué debe tener cuidado con la fiebre del mercado.

El optimismo posterior a una pandemia puede convertirse fácilmente en exuberancia y asunción de riesgos excesivos.

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