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'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' Is Back Open for Business!

Check out this preview of season nine of our hit show "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch." Big ideas and big money are on the line!

season 9

'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' Is Back Open for Business!

Check out this preview of season nine of our hit show "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch." Big ideas and big money are on the line!

season 9

Watch to See If a Hangover Cure Can Land a $150K Investment in 60 Seconds

Season nine of 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' kicks off with episode one and the cash is flowing!

season 9

Did This Entrepreneur Make the Casamigos of Wine? Watch Now.

On this episode of 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,' our board of investors is ready to rumble over deals.

season 9

What Do Hip-Hop, Underwear and AI Have in Common? Watch This Episode of 'Elevator Pitch' to Find Out.

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," things get up close and personal in the boardroom.

season 9

She Ditched a Corporate Career and Bet on Herself. Did It Pay Off?

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," find out if a new food company has investors digging in or saying no thanks.

season 9

'This Has Been a Real Bloodbath!': Watch the Intense New Episode of 'Elevator Pitch'

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," contestants find out just how hard it is to impress our investors. Don't miss this one!

season 9

Is It a One-Hit Wonder or Can This Mom's Business Scale?

On the new episode of "Elevator Pitch," find out how much investors are willing to bet on first-time founders.

season 9

Can Mushrooms Save the World? Tune into This Episode of 'Elevator Pitch' to Find Out.

On this latest episode, find out how a new consumer lifestyle brand has investors mushrooming with interest.

season 9

Is His Business About to Gobble Up Uber Eats and DoorDash?

On the season nine finale of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," find out what happens when entrepreneurs with big ideas meet investors with big money.

About Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

A pitch show brought to you by Entrepreneur Media. Entrepreneurs have 60 seconds to pitch their business, product and/or idea in an elevator. If the investors like what they hear, the business owner is invited into the board room to discuss further and negotiate. Hear new business pitches every season and find out whether our investors are ready to invest.

Meet the Investors

  • Marc Randolph

    Co-Founder/Former CEO Netflix

  • Kim Perell

    CEO, Perell Ventures

  • CeeLo Green

    American Singer, Songwriter & Record Producer

  • Jonathan Hung

    Managing Partner, Entrepreneur Ventures

Have a Great Idea For Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch?

Now casting for upcoming seasons! We welcome founders with scaleable products or services ready for investment, and specific plans for how an investment can help them grow.

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