Collin Williams

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder and Chairman of New Era ADR

Collin is the Founder and Chairman of New Era ADR. Collin was previously General Counsel at which was acquired by Etsy for $275M. Collin also worked at Oracle, Greenberg Traurig, LLP and Butler Snow, LLP. Collin went to Middlebury College and Tulane University School of Law.



The Fear of Innovation and Change May Directly Cost You as an Individual. Here's How.

Innovation and change can be scary. But ignoring new ways of doing things has legitimate and tangible costs that can affect all of us.

Business Process

Why It's Unwise to 'Fake It 'Til You Make It' in the Startup World — and What to Do Instead

The startup mantra of "fake it 'til you make it" has recently resulted in a series of high-profile convictions of entrepreneurs. There are ethical ways to accomplish the same startup goals without committing outright fraud.

Life Hacks

How Setbacks Can Be the Key to Taking Big Steps Forward

In life, we all get knocked down. Most of us repeatedly. But how we use those moments as motivation can dictate the level of success we find.

Business Culture

Is Your Professional Life Dominating Your Personal Life? Here's What It Really Takes to Change That.

It's easy to lose perspective in your professional life. We should never forget that life is about balance and what we do outside of work is often far more important that what we do when we're at work.


I'm Leaving the Only Place I've Ever Called Home, Because My Biggest Fear Doesn't Matter

The routine, the familiar and the comfortable are the enemy of progress and evolution. To truly be great, you need to embrace monumental life changes and get comfortable being uncomfortable.


I'm the Founder of a Tech Company, I Have Clinical Depression and I'm Grateful for It

Having depression has changed my life … in a positive way. Yes, in a positive way. Let me explain.

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