Jonathan Brierre

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder of Reactive Media Group, Incorporated

Jonathan Brierre is a public relations specialist, author, transformational coach and software engineer whose work has impacted countless people across the globe. His company, Reactive Media Group, serves as a means for him to exponentially grow his impact through the business owners he consults.



I Let My Ego Turn Me Into a Controlling Leader. Here's How I Reconditioned Myself and Learned to Let Go.

Many of us take the exhausting, brute-force approach to getting things done without ever knowing how to make things flow and unfold naturally in our favor. Use these tips to find a new perspective on leadership.

Thought Leaders

I Pitched 300 People a Day For 1 Year — and Learned This Impactful Entrepreneurial Lesson

After working myself to the bone pitching 300 people each day for one year, I came out of that experience as a new man — but surprisingly, an unhappier one. Here's what I learned.


Los 5 principios que necesitas para crear una imagen de marca magnética

Utiliza estas estrategias para ayudar a tu negocio a pasar de buscar nuevos clientes a hacer que los nuevos clientes te busquen a ti.


The 5 Principles You Need to Create a Magnetic Brand Image

Use these strategies to help your business shift from looking for new clients to having new clients look for you.

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